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Where Modern Meets Vintage: The Packaging of Grandeza Liqueur

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/12/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Fresh Bread Design created the beautiful packaging for Grandeza Orange Liqueur.

“Grandeza Spirits started as an idea to attach a 50ml bottle to the side of a margarita glass. It was a short leap from a unique bottle shape to making their own, agave sweetened liqueur. That is how Grandeza Orange Liqueur was born.”


“Our job was to create a design for the custom 50ml and 1l bottles that was elegant, sexy and a little bit sassy. The design is heavily inspired by Latin leather engravings and is filled with ornate, custom filigrees. The typography is bold and a mixture of modern and vintage to ensure a classic vibe. The main label is screen printed with the bulk of the design using a bright gold to set ourselves far apart from the competition, giving it a shine and glimmer that speaks volumes to the audacity of the brand. We brought the brand together with a paper label at the top, matching the gold foil to finish off the package.”


“The result is a lustrous bottle with a design that is time-honored enough to draw in discerning drinkers and modern enough to catch the trendy late night crowd.”


Designed By: Fresh Bread Design
Location: Seattle, USA

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