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This "Light of Hope" Is Trying To Save The Rainforest

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/08/2017 | 2 Minute Read


Light of Hope is an exciting conceptual light that is aiming to save our planet, one bulb at a time.

“The rainforest is the basis for life on earth. Despite the deadly consequences for our environment, we are still destroying more than 90,000 km² - every year. How to shed light on this situation? The designers Mitja Schneehage and Michael Wilde have developed a unique lamp with parts made of burnt forest wood: the design concept ‘LIGHT OF HOPE’. For this purpose, the concept is to manufacture the carbon filament from charcoal taken from burned rainforest. In this way it lights up in the lamp and reminds the people in a positive way to do something. A light for you, a spark of hope for the environment.”


“The designer Stefan Sagmeister loved the idea on Instagram and commented: ‘This is an excellent idea and a very solid execution! (...) Where is it available?’"


Designed By: Mitja Schneehage & Michael Wilde
Idea: Michael Wilde & Sofia Christidou
Location: Hamburg, Germany

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