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Item:09 Is a Sophisticated Conceptual Take on Cannabis Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/07/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Student Chris Thorpe created this sophisticated take on cannabis packaging. ITEM:09 is a conceptual cannabis brand that seeks to not be over-the-top with its messaging but instead aims to take a scientific approach to presenting cannabis products.

“For my self-directed Bachelor of Fine Arts final project, I tasked myself with creating a medical cannabis research and development brand design, along with an associated product line that could theoretically extend into a retail environment.”


“I wanted the brand design, and name, to speak to the scientific methods involved with the research, cultivation, and legal sale of medical cannabis while also subtly paying homage to the rather outlaw background of the product. As such, the title ‘ITEM:09’ holds some level of ambiguity that would not immediately be associated with the marijuana trade, while still hinting at the scientific origin. Colloquially, the term ‘ITEM:09’ does exist within the lexicon of incredibly creative street names for cannabis, and was popularized by the film Pineapple Express.”


“The intent was to create associated packaging that would cater to the four main branches of the legal cannabis industry, that being edibles, infused beverages, vaporizer oils, and traditional ‘bud’ marijuana. With that in mind, it became necessary to implement a coordinated color system that would help differentiate the products to the customers. Additionally, the color system could then be adapted into a retail space and could be utilized to streamline the store's organization by using the colors to demarcate spaces for particular sale items.”


Designer: Chris Thorpe
Printer: Ecoprint
School: Towson University - Graphic Design BFA Project
Location: New York, NY

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