Bacardi Is Pumping Up The Jams With This Unique Portable Speaker Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/02/2017 | 4 Minute Read


Take your party on the go with this limited edition Bacardi packaging that features a speaker! MW Luxury was responsible for bringing this unique approach to spirits packaging to life.

“The Bacardi name is one of the best known and most beloved in the beer and spirits industry. Known around the globe for their white rum, the brand also produces a celebrated dark rum, Carta Negra, which is now available with a unique pack and speaker set.

Manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging, this cleverly designed pack holds one bottle of Bacardi’s superior black rum and two high-quality speakers which can be easily connected to a mobile device via a recess in the back. The container has been crafted with a premium recycled rigid board substructure and is wrapped in double hit four-colour graphic print art paper.”


“The wrapping is embellished with spot gloss graphic elements and an anti-scratch laminate to protect against wear-and-tear. The pack is held shut with two strong magnets and opens along the diagonal, with the bottle of rum held in one-half and the speakers held opposite.

Inside, the Carta Negra nestles against a vivid, patterned red paper lining, and is held tightly in place in vacuum formed top and bottom fitments. The speakers and power pack are held in a specially printed flute platform and face outwards, hidden behind grills which blend perfectly with the pack graphics. To make use of the speakers, the user simply has to connect a mobile using the provided wire, storing their mobile in the recess at the back.”


“Having produced practical packs such as the bamboo box/chopping board for Diageo’s Roe & Co whiskey, the MW team were delighted to take on another challenging project for a functional product. Ideal for dinner parties and lazy beach days, this rum and speaker set is a pack with huge aesthetic and practical appeal.”


Manufacturer: MW Luxury Packaging
Design/Concept: MW Luxury Packaging
Artwork: tbc
Photography: Alex Bibby

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