Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With The Crown Stationery

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/31/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Pavlov's Design has given South Korean stationery brand, The Crown, a bold new look.

“The Crown is a South Korean brand of stationery. While redesigning this brand, we have started with the revision of its basic concept. After studying the market and consumers' insights, we have formed a completely new branding idea. This is to present the stationery goods as trustworthy partners, which are always handy, and ready to assist you. Secure and reliable, they will aid you on any project: whether large or small. Crown pens and markers will help you to make your work well-organized and easy.”


“Their design is simple and clear. Their elements are neatly arranged, well-placed, and are exactly what you need. During the design process, we highlighted the principle of order, and focused on our targets. At the same time, we ensured that each line of merchandise is stylistically unique. Graphically, semicircular elements form the visual basis of each product in a line. They are based on this key principle, are set in strictly defined places, and are easily recognisable design elements. Within their borders of our brand patterns, photographs and illustrations are displayed. They are unique for each product. Branded icons emphasise the key characteristics of the product. As a result, the main design idea for our stationery products can be summed up as follows: staying within your task guidelines does not necessarily limit your creativity.”


Designed By: Pavlov's Design
Location: Russia

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