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The Fun Packaging For These Chocolates Were Inspired By Paper Cutouts

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/28/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Will Echols designed this fun packaging for Markham & Fitz Chocolate. The designs feature beautifully colored flat-style illustrations and patterns that breathe life and allow the brand to stand out from other chocolate retailers.


“Local Northwest Arkansas chocolate company Markham & Fitz recently rebranded from Hello Cocoa. With the rebrand, M&F wanted to stand out among other chocolate makers with fun and colorful packaging, while maintaining a feel of high quality, handmade product.”

“Many of the illustrations began as cut paper. Combining the imperfections and goofy shapes with a rounded sans-serif, M&F is friendly and unintimidating, but still holds a sense of class with the gold foil and thick paper.”


Designer: Will Echols
Client: Lauren Blanco; Markham and Fitz Chocolate Makers
Printer: Roark Group
Location: Arkansas, USA

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