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This Limited Edition Whiskey Packaging is Gorgeous

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/26/2017 | 4 Minute Read


This packaging for Method and Madness whiskey is gorgeously elegant. M&E Design created this beautiful limited edition packaging.

“Method and Madness, the a new range of experimental super premium whiskeys from The Midleton Distillery, Ireland, and is designed to push the boundaries of Irish Whiskey.”


“This limited edition wooden pack with it’s high gloss lacquered piano finish and inset metal details is inspired by the masters and apprentices which work side by side at the new Midleton micro distillery, one of the oldest and most revered distilleries in the world, the innovative Method and Madness Irish whiskey’s brand identity conveys the sense of fun and excitement when tradition and innovation are combined. It therefore uses two opposing patterns throughout the packaging, the straight lines symbolising method and order, while the stunning marbled patterns reference madness and liquid experimentation.

This 31 Year Old Single Grain Irish Whiskey has been matured in an ex-Bourbon cask for 31 years. This rare single cask release has developed a ‘full deep grain character’ and on the palate notes of ‘honey, juicy mango and ripe melon with an endless dark wood and spicy finish’. This expression, which includes three single cask offerings, is bottled without chill filtration and ranges from 51.3%, 51.8% and 52.5% ABV. The release is limited to 276 bottles and with a retail price of €1500.”


“‘This bottle is designed to stand out from the crowd. From it’s unconventional bespoke octagonal bottle to it’s elegant and bold brand identity. Method and Madness is a breath of fresh air in the overly ornate, heritage influenced world of Irish whiskey bottle design.’” 


“‘For the bottle, we took design cues from the paneling of a whiskey cask and from laboratory glassware found in the micro distillery. But, wanting to depart from traditional whiskey branding and design, we also looked outside of the worlds of distilling and Ireland for inspiration. The result, an innovative octagonal bottle design which beautifully refracts and bounces light. On the bottle’s side panels, embossings produce a kaleidoscope of patterns within.’“


Designer: M&E Design 
Packaging Company: Lucas Luxury Packaging 
Bottle Manufacturer: Allied Glass
Client: Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard 
Client Execs: Sinéad Gilbert & Jayne Murphy
Creative Directors: Matthew Bolger & Emelie Lidström at M&E Design
Bottle photography: M&E Design
Location: Ireland

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