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Elegant and Uncomplicated, 1pt Makes Mixology Easy

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/14/2017 | 6 Minute Read

Ever dreamed of distilling your own craft spirits, complete with delicate notes of lavender or mint? Now it’s easier as ever with 1pt (“one part”). These infusion blends for alcohol and spirits from Teroforma are sure to change the way you make cocktails. Rather than mixing up a variety of spices and herbs and waiting a couple weeks to taste the result, 1pt is ready in just a few hours—and the results are reliably similar, every time.

Aiming to make the act of mixology easier, the packaging adopts an easy, clean approach. A bright white background allows the spice blends and the tools to pop, and the font choices are elegant and aspirational—perfect for anyone looking to improve their cocktail game.

“A brand new collection of handcrafted, expertly blended, vibrant and exotic dry infusion blends, 1pt provides a simple, delicious and consistent way to infuse a wide array of flavors into a broad range of spirits. Teroforma Co-founders, Andrew and Anna Hellman, believe that every great cocktail should be one part infusion and with the debut of 1pt, they are offering an easy way for enthusiasts to create their own delicious, personal infusions behind the bar (whether at work or at home). Grounded in the belief that making great cocktails shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating, 1pt focuses on infusion as the way to deliver complex flavor with none of the complexity.

“We feel like cocktails have become somewhat over-complicated and maybe even a bit intimidating for a lot of people—they don’t need to be. We created 1pt as a way to unlock an entirely new wave of interest and engagement in the realm of cocktails for mixologists of every skill level,” says Andrew Hellman, Co-founder of Teroforma and co-creator of 1pt. “What we’re offering here is a fun and easy way to create your own unique and well-balanced spirits and cocktails that offer consistent, predictable and delicious results each time. It really is a one-stop solution that will make life easier and more enjoyable when it comes to infusing spirits and creating cocktails,” agrees Teroforma Co-founder, Anna Hellman.

“In developing the 1pt line, the team enlisted the talents of a master tea expert to create each infusion, ensuring that each dried infusion was the perfect blend of ingredients that would work impeccably with almost any spirit. With seven specially formulated blended dried infusions, 1pt has opened a new door to the world of mixology for both the home entertainer as well as the professional bartender. The seven blends, available in three types of  affordable packs—Single, Party and Variety—the full line of the versatile blended infusions includes: Citrus, Mint, Floral, Chili, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Smoky. With Teroforma’s seamless and infallible 1pt collection, the brand is set to unlock an entirely new wave of interest and engagement in the realm of cocktails.”

“So how does it work? 1pt takes the guesswork out of the infusion process with a straightforward method that ensures a reliable, predictable, and delicious result every single time. Using the 1pt Infusion Kit, a simple, streamlined way to create infusions, each batch will infuse ½ standard bottle of spirits within 2-6 hours as opposed to the days or weeks recommended using other methods. The Infusion Kit includes an infusion bottle, a tasting straw, and an infusion guide so customers can feel confident and in the process as they go.”

“What else is needed beside 1pt blends and your favorite spirit? In addition to the Infusion Kit, 1pt will offer other infusion products such as the Bar Bottle Kit that includes a bottle, a funnel, a measuring spoon, a tasting jigger, and a zester for additional infusion personalization, and the Master Kit, which combines the Variety Pack of Blends and the Infusion Kit for the perfect introduction to infusion. In keeping with its artisanal blends and handcrafted approach, 1pt’s presentation and packaging is fashioned for form, function, and style. Designed by the Teroforma team, each blend pack or infusion kit has a clean, modern and chic design.”

“1pt is an inspirational and transformative tool for the cocktail and spirits world.  By offering both the at-home mixologist and bar professional a standardized, efficient and flawless process for making expertly infused spirits & cocktails, as well as the proper accessories, 1pt is paving the way for spirit enthusiasts and bartenders to create a whole new world of delicious possibilities.”


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