RINGANA Superfoods & Cosmetics

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/16/2017 | 3 Minute Read

RINGANA is a unique brand that not only produces health products but cosmetics for living a natural and well-balanced life. Designed by moodley brand identity in Austria, bright colorful packaging alongside a minimal aesthetic is what takes RINGANA to the next level. The design perfectly illustrates the “purity” of the products’ ingredients with simple san serif font that wraps itself around the entirety of the packaging structure. 

Lots of work and several years of developing lead to RINGANA’s products. Their standard is always as high as absolute freshness goes – without artificial ingredients, without compromises. A philosophy, the packaging should transport, too, while it focuses on the essential and also reflects the spirit of innovation. You see, RINGANA isn’t just uncompromisingly good when it comes to their products.


Designed by moodley brand identity


Country: Austria

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