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Concept: XOC

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/16/2017 | 2 Minute Read

There are so many chocolate brands out on the market today but none like XOC. Designed by Macarena Norambuena, Maria López, Mario Montull, the packaging for Spain’s beloved dessert is interpreted in a magical way. With a variety of uniquely shaped chocolates placed in packaging that makes consumers rethink how they interact with food, this concept is one for the books. 

"Xoc is a collection of three chocolates that explore new ways to enjoy chocolate: sharing, playing and experimenting. For this we shaped the chocolates, created our own molds, designed each of the boxes and obviously enjoyed experimenting with chocolate."

"Sheets: fine pieces of chocolate designed for tasting. Due to the minimal thickness, the chocolate melts slowly in the palate discovering all its contrasts and nuances. The radial arrangement of the sheets in the pack invites us to explore a new experience." 

"Arcs: like a Russian doll, this chocolate are domes that fit one inside the other. In this way we propose a marriage of chocolates that is discovered as each dome is uncovered." 

"Bombons: chocolates designed to share. Each piece is designed to break in half resulting in two identical chocolates, half for you, half for me."


Designed by Macarena Norambuena, Maria López, Mario Montull

Country: Spain

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