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Nostalgic yet Modern Branding for this Hip Kentucky Hotel

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/06/2017 | 5 Minute Read

Get your beauty sleep at Hotel Covington. Gina Tesnar at Reign Studio designed the branding and vision for this new boutique hotel that’s located in Covington, Kentucky. A combination of old and new elements, the hotel feels cozy and welcoming while totally hip and fun at the same time.

“The owner asked me to create a hotel that felt distinct from any other hotel. A hotel that celebrated the history of the building and the neighborhood of Covington—but was inclusive of Cincinnati. A hotel that feels nostalgic and modern at the same time. I was given just 4 weeks to develop the brand guidelines and all the hotel applications—which included: Letterhead & business card, website design, restaurant logo, bar and restaurant menus, In room guest book, do not disturb signs, staff uniforms, and exterior signage.”

“I also designed 4 distinct patterns for the hotel to use on various applications. This was to illustrate to the owner that branding can exist without using the logo. The patterns added branding in a more distinct and beautiful way—without having to slap a logo on everything. The patterns are meaningful and distinct to the Hotel Covington.”

“The Hotel is in the original building that was once a department store called Coppins built in 1907. Two patterns are inspired by fashion from that time period (a nod to the department store it once was) and the other two are inspired by the wrought iron fences seen all throughout the historic neighborhood of Covington and the historic Roebling Suspension Bridge. (Without the bridge the department store would not of existed—goods would not of been able to get over to the Kentucky side.) I applied the patterns to the staff uniforms, coasters, menus, matches, coffee sleeves, room numbers, a custom deck of cards, letterhead and business cards. The final piece I designed is a huge installation in the main lobby of the hotel that is cut out of wood and attached to stacked barrels. The installation gives visual interest and celebrates the state of Ohio and Kentucky.”


Designed by: Reign Studio

Designer: Gina Tesnar

Wood menu and patterned checkerboards: Lindsay Estes of Lucca Laser Workshop

Deck of cards design: Gina Tesnar

Deck of cards production: US Playing Cards, Florence KY

Design installation on barrels: Grainwell

Photography: Jeremy Kramer

Country: United States

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