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Celebrate Inebriation Day With this Alcoholiday Gift Set

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/19/2017 | 2 Minute Read

In honor of this year's Inebriation Day...oops we meant Inauguration Day, 1 Trick Pony designed this special gift set to help get you through the day. These two special edition bottles come together to make up one image, complete with elegant details such as metallic foil and a branded label placed cleverly to the side. 

"As 1TP's latest installment of The Alcoholidays – what better 'holiday' to celebrate with well-packaged booze than the upcoming Inauguration Day. We're sending our clients a box with 2 bottles of pocket-sized rum to help them celebrate the day – or to just get through the day. They can choose what side of the aisle they prefer, or opt for going double-fisted." 

"Left, right, bottom's up or going down - this year we celebrate the Alcoholidays as one."


Design & Creative: 1 Trick Pony 
Printing: Omega High Impact Print Solutions
Wood boxes: Woodpak Industries Inc.
Location: Hammonton, NJ / Philadelphia, PA

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