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Must-Have Cosmetics from South Africa with a Minimalist Design

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/19/2017 | 4 Minute Read

Yes, Me&Youth is a cosmetics company, but their focus is on great skin rather than offering every shade of eyeshadow. This holistic, healthy approach helped inform their new packaging, designed by Nicholas Christowitz. Me&Youth products have a minimalist design, with black and white containers that highlight the beauty in less. Splashes of floral designs give it a feminine touch.

“Me&Youth is a South African cosmetics company that has reached success globally with their first product: Quick Makeup Fix. The brand is clean and trustworthy, with plenty space to add more products to the range while maintaining the minimalist branding.”

“The brand was originally called BeautyFix but due to trademarking problems in the USA they decided to rename to Me&Youth, followed by a rebrand that would maintain the look & feel of the original brand.”


Designed by: Nicholas Christowitz

Graphic Design & Packaging: Nicholas Christowitz

Brand & Concept owner: Ursula Uys

Photography: Sekh-Fei De Lacy

Illustrations: Joh Del, Nicholas Christowitz, Hannah Shone

Country: South Africa

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