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Eat My Shorts Is A Unique Clothing Packaging Solution

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/25/2017 | 2 Minute Read


Tomás Salazar was approached by fashion designer Malena Blas to collaborate on a clothing project and thus EAT MY SHORTS! was born. EAT MY SHORTS! is an independent brand of clothing for women and men that seeks to break the gender barrier. The packaging makes no reference to gender which embraces the growing trend of creating products and packaging that is gender neutral. 

EAT MY SHORTS! takes its name from a reference from The Simpsons, a popular American television show. This makes it only fitting that one of the t-shirt designs features Bart Simpson, one of the main characters. The pastel color scheme is directly inspired by the softpop color trend which gained popularity in 2016. 

This packaging solution is interesting because it was created to withstand high temperatures and does not alter the quality of the clothes. It's a different approach to packaging clothing and fashion.


Designed by: Tomás Salazar / Black Canvas

Location: Mexico

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