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Wicked Lekker Rooibos Tea

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/04/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Go there. Wicked Lekker gives you a taste of South African rooibos tea, a beverage that’s been drunk there for centuries for its antioxidant power and healing properties. BexBrands designed this adventurous beverage that comes in three delicious flavors: black currant, meyer lemon, and white peach.

“We did our best to package the adventuresome spirit of our clients at Wicked Lekker, who spend the majority of their time living out of suitcases and exploring the world. By combining earthy tones with vibrant pops and rustic line quality with clean fonts, we helped create a tea line that gives the caffeine-free lift from rooibos in a way that brings consumers on an adventure to South Africa in a way that’s welcoming and accessible.”

Wicked Lekker takes inspiration from its South African roots and incorporates a leaping antelope and gorgeous sunset colors on the label. The antelope is soaring in the air, reminding consumers that the beverage can give you an energy boost without the caffeine. The smaller font is a handwritten style that makes each bottle feel like a special and new batch of brewed tea.


Designers: Becky Nelson, Daniela Anderson, Jeremy Dahl  

Printer: Hammer Packaging

Designed by BexBrands

Client: Wicker Lekker, Mylan Janoplis, Pamela Stah

Country: United States

City: San Diego, CA

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