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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/30/2016 | 12 Minute Read

Happy Friday Everyone! Pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy this week's concepts we wish were real. 

Luxury Chocolate Series


A dessert that's almost too good to eat. Designed by Maria Le Quang, skinny chocolate bars are dressed to impress in a beautiful dichromatic ombre. The series features unique flavor combinations such as pink champagne, caviar, saffron, and polar salt. With the design kept to a minimal, the label allows the consumer to quickly determine the percentage of cocoa and flavor profile. The back of the packaging lists a convincing argument on why you need this Luxury Chocolate series in your life and the ingredients contained in every bite.

Taste the culinary rainbow.

Designed by Maria Le Quang

Country: Germany


Rakijateka, Distilling Company


Rakijateka is a fictional, small family distillery which produces high-quality brandy. In Serbia fruit brandies are commonly known as Rakija, and the most popular flavours are Šljiva - made from plums, Loza - made from grapes, Dunja - made from quince... 

It is widely known in Serbia, that rakia (serb. rakija) has been always considered a traditional cure, which is the main reason why she became a part of the "home pharmacy system" in almost every household. Many believe that besides being able to lift up your mood, helps in better digestion and elimination of various types of pain. But whether can rakija really cures diseases or these are just empty beliefs and secret desires, will remain debatable and each of us is given the right whether to believe it or not.

"The name of the distillery is actually a play of words - Serbian word for pharmacy is "Apoteka". 

The whole concept is based exactly on these common folk beliefs and supposed to have a touch of humor in it. The aim was to create such a brand that will at the same time be modern and tradition-oriented, so as to be interesting and meet the needs of all generations, both young and elders. The names of different flavors derive from the fruits they are made of and the name of the specific medicine, because in my country we see this brandy more like a cure than the regular alcoholic drink. That's why each flavor is meant to "cure" symptoms of various "diseases" that are related to everyday problems: mood swings, worries, stress, broken hearts, disappointment."

Designed by Jovana Randjelovic

Country: Serbia




Perfect for a bachelorette or birthday celebration. Designed by Den Dodson, imported organic vodka is produced in small batches free from synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Embellished with polka-dots against a bright red background, this bottle of vodka is hard to miss on supermarket shelves. The label tells the story of how the spirit is produced with its while a small handle on the cap adds a unique feature not seen on traditionally on spirit packaging. 

The overall design is inviting and falls under the "Shelf-Life" trend: shifting in the mind of the customer from disposability to keepability and from a tendency to hide the objects to a pride in sharing them. 

Designed by Den Dodson

Country: Spain




Dalia is a Greek company which products cosmetics for women and sells worldwide. Dalia's goal is to create natural cosmetics, no animal tested, with old fashion granny style and elegant, since it addresses to all kinds of ages through its shop and its website. The final brand name was the Dalia. Direct and with no excesses it gives us the impression that is talking about a natural perfumed product. Design could be directed more freely to give the concept result. 

The font was designed by hand and its a curved font respect to the women figure. A particularity of the logo that makes the font more recognizable is the circle that is cut from the letter "a".The circle represent the woman form and the liquid sense of the product. To create this old fashion style, I designed several flowers and a dalia to decorate my designs. This will make easier to understand that our product is natural, cosmetic and for women.

Designed by Lia Kazantzidou

Country: Greece


Ctrl Tampons


The "time of the month" doesn't have to be a struggle. With these tampons, you can now take control of your life. Designed by Claudia Rubin, tampons are packaged into pastel-colored boxes discreet enough to walk around with. 

"Individually packaged tampons. Whether you're starting your period or finishing it, sometimes you just need one tampon. Ctrl Tampons are a shortcut to getting on with your day. Straight-forward design for a straight-forward task. Created as a student project at Syracuse University abroad program in London, UK."

Designed by Claudia Rubin

Country: United States


Moile - Biological Honey Of Abruzzo


The name "Moile" comes from the dialect of the Italian regione Abruzzo "lu moile" meaning honey. “Moile” become a real brand, designed in detail, it has been studied all the corporate identity, from logo to the corporate publishing.

Packaging is a modern retelling of the biological honey pack of Abruzzo, designed for Italian and international market. The pack has the aim to bring the Italian taste and in particular the Abruzzo flavors in the world, thanks to its packaging takeaways, composed of three different types of honey and a ceramic spoon, designed for the occasion, it revised to improve its performance of "honey drizzle ". In addition to the package, you can buy single cans of acacia honey, wildflower and honeydew.

Designed by KØSE

Product designers: Giovanbattista Cannella, Michela Damone

Country: Italy

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