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RedMart Supermarket Private Label

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/26/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Food for the pantry and the home goods you need, all in one place online. RedMart is a one-stop-shop supermarket that sells foods like rice and olive oil as well as laundry detergent, hand soap, and cleaners. To communicate their ability to deliver happiness through their products, Love Mondays (Branding) was tasked with designing their range of private label products.

“Singapore is often referred to as 'the little red dot' as the country appears as small as a dot on a world map. RedMart is one of the largest online supermarkets in Singapore. They offer low everyday prices and great deals.”

Creative Director, Dale Evans explained, "We had a lot of fun with this brief. Keeping the 'little red dot' was a must but we managed to inject a sense of playfulness to each pack. Hand drawn illustrations and witty copywriting ensured we were on track to 'delivering happiness' to the consumer.”

RedMart appears energetic and cheerful, coming to the rescue to solve problems for consumers. Graphics show clear skies, lush fields, cooking supplies, delicious dishes, and other images that show a little more about each product. The sans serif font appears contemporary and makes the brand feel perfectly suited for the modern kitchen or home. Not only does the red dot share a little bit of the culture of Singapore, but it makes the brand instantly recognizable in the store.


Creative Director: Dale Evans

Designer: Maya Borud

Designed by Love Mondays (Branding)

Client: RedMart Limited


Country: United Kingdom

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