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Fatlash Beauty

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/21/2016 | 3 Minute Read

To have great lashes means your life is put together. But what if you aren't blessed with beautiful lush lashes? Then Fatlash is what you need. Designed by Anagrama, this transformative serum is packaged in a contrasting color scheme of red and black with the bold logo front and center. The minimalist yet striking design perfectly communicates the brand's message and sets it apart from other competitors. 

"Fatlash is a high-end London-based eyelash extension brand with a specialty in the advanced Russian volume lash technique. Its founder, a highly experienced award-winning therapist, works developing eyelash designs with special attention to eye style and face shape accomplishing beauty enhancing results."

"The Fatlash brand integrates line patterns inspired by different eyelash proportions and shapes. It's selected bold typographies exhibit strength and endurance in a consistency with the product characteristics.

Elegance and catchiness where the objectives while selecting the color palette and an interesting highlight was attained with the red & black foil touches on the packaging."


Designed by Anagrama

Country: Mexico

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