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Gentleman's Agreement

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/21/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Where tradition meets storytelling. 

“Back in the early 50s, Dan Murphy the man dedicated his life to sourcing the best quality wine for his customers. Many of Dan’s deals were done by a traditional handshake; the Gentleman’s Agreement. Today, the tradition continues” 

The Spice Agency recognised the heritage and the compelling story behind the Dan Murphy name and developed the narrative and label design which captures the very essence of the brand. It’s a unique story which deserved to be told in order to take the astute wine drinker on a journey which takes them beyond the label, the bottle or its adorable contents. 

The Spice Agency encapsulated the story through the measured use of typography, layout and subtle use of colour. The result is not simply a label design but an experience which consumers want to share.


Director: Dimity McDonald

Designed by The Spice Agency

Client: Pinnacle Drinks

Country: Australia

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