Help! the vinyl

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/15/2016 | 2 Minute Read

This puts traditional business cards to shame. Help! The Studio wanted to steer away from conventional promo products and give their potential and future customers a gift that would amaze and humor them.

“Help! It is inspired by the Beatles song, but the same thing is another thing, it's another song ... With this concept ‘It's not the same song,’ the project of self-promotion is developed, with the support replication of a limited edition vinyl with a number of details inside (business card, poster, sticker) and a CD with Corporate information. And to reinforce the concept, while corporate pdf read, it has designed a playlist with several versions of the song Help! Do you need somebody?”

Each trendy vinyl sleeve holds a load of goodies, including the poster, sticker, and business card, and offering a CD with information about the company creates an in-depth experience for the recipient. The bold font gives the brand a clear, confident voice and a bit of attitude, appealing to potential clients who want to work with a company that is anything but typical.

“It is unique because since you have it in your hand, you're starting to live an amazing experience again feel the excitement and anticipation of opening a gift full of surprises, besides being a limited and exclusive edition.”


Designed by Help! The Studio

Country: Spain

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