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Rollover Reaction Cosmetics and BRUSHED Series

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/13/2016 | 5 Minute Read

Create a distinct look for your distinct personality. Blackhand Design has designed the packaging for Rollover Reaction, a line of cosmetics that offers unique shades to highlight your very own best qualities.

“Rollover Reaction is a cosmetic brand offering ladies variety of beauty goods to create their own personal style and appearance. RR provides cosmetics that are designed to deliver a fun and up-dated products to fulfill a crave for beauty-needs. They value the freedom of self-expression and embrace everyone uniqueness which translated through art. They believe that every girl needs to reflect their own personal beauty and feels good about themselves in the best possible way. SUEDED! is their first ever shades collection.”

Rollover Reaction takes a mod approach that utilizes the rich colors of the products to immediately catch consumer’s attention. The bright colors each elicit different emotions—a flirty light pink or a seductive lavender—and buyers gravitate to the colors that entice them. Gold foil writing adds an element of luxury and positions the brand as a high-end cosmetics option.

Blackhand Design also developed the packaging for their BRUSHED Series, a lighter and more romantic line. White packaging is pure and clean while messy splashes of the lip gloss add a bit of beautiful chaos. The Rollover Reaction logo remains in the same spot in the same shining gold foil, keeping the products consistent under the brand.


Designed by: Blackhand Design

Country: Indonesia

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