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Wilder Condiments

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/11/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Classic, horseradish, and honey jalapeño—you’ll be tempted to use these tasty mustards with all of your meals. AfterAll Studio developed the packaging for this trio of condiments, building excitement in consumers to try each one. The different varieties each have a different line pattern on the label and a coordinating color, helping to tell each one apart. Wilder’s name is spelled with a couple of the letters on their side, immediately letting buyers know that this is better than the average mustard. The three mustards are then packaged together in a box, putting each unique flavor on display.

“Wilder Condiments are designed, inside and out, to stand apart on any shelf. Individual packaging draws the eye from a distance and rewards closer inspection with whimsical pairing ideas on the label. It’s a look as comfortable in specialty store displays as in crowded grocery aisles.”

“Wilder partnered with AfterAll to create an identity with an independent streak yet capable of supporting other great things in life—a condiment. The result is a little different, a little sideways. In the end it’s an overall look that creates affinity for Wilder even before the jar’s been opened for the first time.”


Designed by AfterAll Studio

Country: United States

City: Portland, OR

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