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Design Papers 2016

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/10/2016 | 4 Minute Read

How beautiful is this design paper catalog? Metaklinika Design Studio worked with Europapier, a company that has been distributing papers in over 13 European countries for decades. The catalog is target to graphic industry professionals, giving them them the chance to look, touch, and feel the samples in person. All of the selected papers are packaged in a slightly retro-looking box, with lovely pastel colors and center rhombus. The sharp angles and minimal text make the packaging purposeful, emphasizing how carefully the selection is curated.

“The idea was to add a decorative dimension to the usual functionality of a catalogue, with attention to both its visual and tactile aspects. The catalogue contains 240 types of paper; it was designed as a box divided into two colours and two groups of pictograms with a rhombus in the middle. The title ‘Design Papers,’ positioned in the rhombus, is intersected by two areas. The rose area contains the first group of pictograms ‘Look, touch and feel,’ emphasizing the interactive character of the catalogue and treating it as an object and packaging. The other group of pictograms has a gold foil finishing on a turquoise background and the words ‘Carefully created collection’ emphasize the excellence of the catalogue and it outstanding quality.”


Designed by Metaklinika Design Studio

Country: Serbia

City: Belgrade

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