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Always Fresh Redesign

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/30/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Boxer & Co. were briefed to revitalize the Always Fresh brand and its 100+ strong range of packs and imbue it with excitement and emotional engagement. 

The old design was black and white and had been replicated by several other brands. As research confirmed, the shelf was dark, dingy and confusing. There was limited emotional connection or relevance and a real need to brighten & lighten the Aisle. 

All of Always Fresh’s product is made in The Mediterranean. In a time when provenance & brand story is translating to a new premium, it felt right to bring to life the abundance and authenticity of the region on the new packaging design. Since ancient times, The Mediterranean has been a region known for its farms, markets and providores… bursting with nature’s bounty. 

“There is a genuine connectivity story to tell about The Mediterranean. There, food stands for connecting with friends and family and bringing together the right mix of people for a special time. Traits that the Always Fresh brand was keen to embody.” 
Gwen Blake, Managing Director, Boxer & Co. 

The Always Fresh target market is broad and transcends life stages, but is united by a passion for good food. The strategic positioning ‘The Good Life’ was arrived at the design stemmed from this joy of delicious food and sharing it with the people you love. 

The Mediterranean countryside produces foods with an unparalleled depth of flavour, vibrant colours and wonderful aromas. Boxer & Co. and the Always Fresh team needed to capture this on the packaging. 

The final design centres around a carefully crafted circular logo, the top half of which houses wood-carving style illustrations of a Mediterranean landscape, depicting the story of provenance. The bottom half features an olive picker which drives home the hand-crafted nature of the product and the lid seal device gives artisan cues. EST 1977 portrays the element of heritage that the brand should rightly own. The ALWAYS FRESH brand mark is bold and white and sits proudly in the centre of the logo, ensuring stand-out and memorability. The logo brings over a small amount of equity from the previous logo in its black, white and gold colouring. 

Around the logo, four images form a quadrant, which takes its inspiration from colourful tiles found frequently in the Mediterranean. The four pictures follow the same pattern on every pack; a coloured tile pattern, a Mediterranean landscape, a macro piece of detail from the region, like a door, a window or a serving suggestion. The bottom right quarter is an image of the product, shot in a relaxed and fresh style and overlapping the logo to bring modernity and dimension to the design. 

“When ranged together onshelf, the packs combine to give a bountiful vibrancy of colour, food and tiles, reminiscent of the Mediterranean.” 
Mark Haygarth, Creative Director, Boxer & Co. 

Always Fresh: Share the pleasure of true Mediterranean flavour.


Creative Director: Mark Haygarth

Designed by Boxer & Co.

Country: Australia

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