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VT Beauty & Health Lifestyle Brand

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/30/2016 | 4 Minute Read

VANT36.5 needed a rebrand to clearly situate them as a beauty and health lifestyle brand. They turned to Eggplant Factory to revitalize their look and diversify their product line with some high-end items and children’s products.

“VANT36.5 is a cosmetic brand created based on the theory of Vant Hoff, a Dutch chemist who discovered the principle of osmotic pressure, and the theory that higher temperature increases osmotic pressure, and it offers cosmetics that are effectively absorbed at the temperature 36.5 degrees. The brand grew rapidly in a short time, thanks to its market position that allows them to offer new products developed by top-level specialists according to the fast-changing cosmetic trends.”

“Eggplant Factory worked with VANT36.5 for rebranding, package and promotional material design, and interior design, and our partnership goes back to our experience of managing the brand even before the rebranding project. The latest renewal was an attempt for the brand to establish market strategies for the constantly changing cosmetics market and come up with design and marketing plans, in order to recreate VANT36.5 as a beauty and health lifestyle brand. As a result, we developed a premium line for VANT36.5 named ‘VT,’ and diversified the dental line through collaboration with the character the Moomins.”


Designed by Eggplant Factory

Client: (주)곤센

Country: South Korea

City: Seoul

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