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Stimorol Redesign

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/24/2016 | 4 Minute Read

When it comes to gum, you’re in no shortage of choices. But to really stand out and be the star of the gum aisle, Stimorol was due for a new visual identity and packaging design. They turned to Bulletproof to revitalize their brand and wide range of gums.

“First launched in Denmark in 1956, Stimorol is now the market leading gum brand in Northern Europe. With such an extensive portfolio including Classic, Ice, Fusion, Fresh Zone, Senses, Air Rush and 60 Minutes variants, the current range architecture had started to look fragmented and disparate, lacking real brand impact on shelf. Bulletproof was briefed to create a new visual identity and portfolio architecture that would ‘make Stimorol cool’, driving consumer reappraisal and positioning it as the new, fresh and contemporary lifestyle accessory for Millennials, while ensuring ease of range navigation for shoppers.”

Bulletproof said, “Stimorol as it stood felt like a dysfunctional family, all of the variants playing very separate roles with no visual cohesion across the portfolio. We needed a big idea and a masterbrand framework that could tie the range together, allowing each variant the right amount of freedom to express their individual personalities. We then had to strengthen the core brand assets - Stimorol red and blue, as well as the star - and work out their role in the new design to deliver true impact and win at fixture. The chosen design route, ‘fresh superstar’ uses the star as the focus for the branding, which sits within a bold and flexible portfolio architecture that is tailored to communicate the individual product characteristics, while still tying into the overall masterbrand identity.“

From gum that offers 60 minutes of freshness to exotic flavors like rainforest mint, Stimorol covers all the bases for whatever you’d want in a gum. Using a star, the brand becomes instantly recognizable across their wide range of products. For each type, illustrations help to show what the flavors are like and the sensations that they give, whether it’s with chilling ice blocks or bursts of fruitiness. The Stimorol name is consistent, with a bold sans serif font and a shining silver star at the top. It expresses a classic and reliable brand that people perusing the gum aisle will see pop up time and time again.

Viktor Konya, brand equity and innovation manager at Mondelēz International added, “Stimorol was failing to stand out in the cluttered gum aisle and needed a bold and cohesive design that would return its star status, while helping drive consumer reappraisal. Bulletproof was the perfect partner, really getting under the skin of the brand and delivering a provocative design with real halo effect that is sure to win on shelf and in the hearts of consumers.”


Designed by Bulletproof

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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