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Stranger Things Product Placement: The Definitive Guide

by Andrew Gibbs on 08/17/2016 | 12 Minute Read


There are plenty of things we’re happy to leave back in the 80s—the hair, the parachute pants, and the Cold War, just to name a few. But whether you loved it or hated it, lived through it or were made in it (or missed it completely), it’s natural to feel a little nostalgia for this wild decade. And strangely enough, Netflix is the way to get your 80s fix, with their recently released series, Stranger Things. Those hairstyles! That fashion! And, oh yes: that packaging.

Stranger Things is a thrilling drama about Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and the search for her 12 year-old son, Will. In a seemingly sweet and small town of Indiana, the series takes you through some frightening mysteries, including secret government experiments and supernatural forces, and at the same time you are transported to 1983. Throughout the show’s 8-episodes, you’ll take a walk down memory lane with packaging iterations we’ve long forgotten, including an old Family Feud, boxes for Eggo waffles, and the mother of all school supplies, a Trapper Keeper.

This is THE definitive guide to the packaging designs you’ll see in the first season—we went through all 8 episodes, frame by frame, to find 31 different products. And don’t worry, there are no spoilers ahead—just some totally rad packaging.


The Food:

The Drinks:


The Games:


The Gear:

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