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Soma Glass Water Bottle

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/16/2016 | 5 Minute Read

Raise your glass to the world's most beautiful and sustainable water bottle by SOMA! Get them while they last, because these puppies are not going to be here for very long. Designed with meticulous attention to both form and function, this line of reusable glass water bottles is available in four colors: eggplant, mint, grey, and white.

A colored silicone sleeve debossed with the "SOMA" logo, wraps around a shatter-resistant glass bottle and is sealed with a leak-proof cap made of bamboo wood. The packaging follows a minimalist aesthetic much like the SOMA Pitcher and Carafe. An all-white box with the bottle's dieline outlined in silver is a great example of packaging with an extended shelf-life. Not only is the bottle sustainable but the packaging is something that will be kept and reused by consumers for years to come. 

"After years of extensive research and design, the Soma Bottle was created with the brand’s unwavering commitment to make hydrating anywhere stylish, healthy and sustainable. The Soma Bottle was created with only three materials: a lightweight and durable BPA-free borosilicate glass, a sleek and protective BPA-free silicone hand grip and an elegant leak-proof cap made from bamboo, a renewable resource. The milestone launch is emblematic of Soma’s reputation for seamlessly marrying design with health and wellness in innovative product offerings."

'With the immense popularity and influence of the ‘athleisure’ movement, which blends an active lifestyle with thoughtful design, we wanted to provide consumers with the same Soma experience when they’re on-the-go as we deliver with our current products, which are primarily enjoyed in the home,” said Soma Founder and Chief Hydration Officer Mike Del Ponte. “The Soma Bottle is a lifestyle accessory in itself. Our bottles not only spark conversation for their minimalist design, but also deliver on quality materials, performance and functionality.'

"Like its predecessors: the Soma Filter, Carafe and Pitchers, the Soma Bottle includes a charitable donation for every unit purchased. To date, Soma has provided 8,600 people across seven different countries clean water through their partnership with charity: water, an organization that aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to people across the globe."


Designed by SOMA

Country: United States

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