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Spindrift Redesign

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/17/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Meet the new look of Spindrift, a sparkling water with intense flavor. They revamped their look to honor the previous look and feel while updating it to better convey their core mission. By focusing on the real ingredients, consumers quickly see illustrations of what’s inside their refreshing beverage. Bright colors represent the tasty flavors, and using color blocks with a crisp white emphasizes that they don’t use artificial fruits and flavoring.


Bill Creelman, CEO and Founder of Spindrift, said, “Spindrift was founded six years ago, on one simple idea: take fresh juice, squeeze it and make the single best sparkling beverage possible. We were the first to directly challenge the market with fresh ingredients and with so much evolution in category, it is now more important than ever to communicate our unique use of real fruit in our package design.”

“Spindrift’s new design shows consumers exactly what makes them different—real fruit in every beverage. The visual artistry on the new labels puts fruit at the forefront of the packaging, with beautifully rendered watercolors against a pure white backdrop, as well as utilizes the colors of the each of the fresh squeezed fruits inside. Spindrift’s message is simple – real fruit plus bubbles plus water – and the new design delivers it perfectly.”

Strick Walker, Chief Marketing Officer of Spindrift, added, “The sparkling water space is full of confusing concoctions and devoid of real. People have 45 seconds to choose their beverage while looking at a wall of options, and we are excited to have such a simple proposition. The new design simplifies the process so that consumers can immediately understand what’s inside the package.”


Designed by Spindrift

Country: United States

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