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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/19/2016 | 12 Minute Read

T.G.I.F! It's that time of the week where we highlight our favorite concepts and student work we wish were real.


Blue Bird Jewelry


Around the world, a bluebird is considered to be a symbol of luck and happiness. Blue Bird Jewelry, a concept from Seeunghee Yi, aims to do the same, putting smiles on people’s faces as they walk out of the store with a newly purchased ring, pair of earrings, or necklace.

“Blue Bird is a jewelry company which manufactures and markets hand-finished contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices. They offer collections of jewelry which every piece is handmade in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold with sophisticated and simple designs to suit women in 20s and 30s.”

Blue Bird Jewelry wants to bring happiness to people, and the light, bright colors and simple text evoke feelings of positivity. The jewelry designs find beauty in simplicity, so purposeful yet not-too-lavish packaging is fitting. By keeping the graphics and text minimal and offering an easy-grab tab to open the boxes, it gives every piece more meaning as it’s opened.

Designed by Seeunghee Yi

Country: United States


Big Iron Muscle


A sports nutrition brand that screams luxury. Designed by Mario Dragic, Whey powder, and protein bars are dressed in metallics and a pop of gold. With large blocky type that emphasizes masculinity and strength, this brand will sure catch the eye of any gym buff out there. 

Back in 2014 I was asked to create branding and packaging design for their whey protein, supplements and power bars. Recently I've decided to make a redesign for the labels and packaging without any limitations by the client. I found inspiration in iron weight plates and tried to achieve metallic look for the packaging materials. Labels are slightly blown up to emphasize growth and strength.

Designed by Mario Dragic

Country: Bosni


Drunken Octopus Coffee


Coffee doesn’t have to be the same, boring old cup of joe. With Drunken Octopus Coffee, a concept from Jeff Engelhardt, you can enjoy the caffeine you need with fun, new flavors that are sure to make mornings brighter.

“Drunken Octopus Coffee is a concept brand created around the idea that people are taking their coffee too seriously these days. These are blends of iced, cold brewed coffee and everyday foods and flavors that include peanut butter and jelly, maple bacon, and mint cream cookie.”

Drunken Octopus Coffee intends to break out of the typical coffee mindset with exciting flavors that don’t take themselves too seriously. On the bottles we see an aloof, googly-eyed octopus which adds some humor into the brand, and the font choice mimics the squiggly tentacles of the creature. Bottles are striking with a stout appearance and wide mouth, indicating that this is anything but traditional coffee.

"Have a little fun. Try something new. Break the rules. We have our hands (, I guess) in all the wrong places. Our brains are busy doing more important things. Lighten up, and enjoy one of our kooky coffee concoctions."

Designed by Jeff Engelhardt

Country: United States


HER Beer


Tired of seeing women sexualized in the media and on packaging without regard that they are, in fact, strong, intelligent people who are more than just their body type? Yeah, us too. Which is why we are absolutely in love with this student project from Huyen T. Do that celebrates amazing women throughout history. HER Beer features the faces of women like Oprah, Lena Dunham, Yoko Ono, and Frida Kahlo who inspire other females all around the world.

“Female friendships have always been a constant source of comfort and inspiration in my life. They are special, unique bonds that can’t quite be compared to anything else. HER Beer is a concept born out of a deep appreciation for the women that I’ve come to know and love, who are smart, funny, complicated and endlessly fascinating. HER is the antithesis to the ultra-sexualization of female forms in mainstream product marketing. The brand aims to serve as a reminder that women are so much more than their bodies—they have been and will continue to be amazing artists, designers, writers, politicians, scientists, and philanthropists—who move and shake the world and inspire generations to do the same.”

HER is undoubtedly refreshing. Not only does it feature women in a non-sexualized manner, but it was made with diversity in mind. Even by making HER a line of craft beer is a statement. Craft beer often gets associated with bearded, burly men who want to crack open a cold one at the end of the day, but this line of beer is one that anyone can appreciate and enjoy. HER Beer features an array of different colors which represents the creativity and personalities of these women, and the logo communicates a bold, strong mentality.

Designed by Huyen T. Do

Country: United States


Kernel's Popcorn


Go ahead, we dare you to try and pick a favorite flavor. Between salted caramel, lemon meringue, maple and bacon, salt and chili, or banoffee (bananas and toffee), you may as well just try them all. This is the first concept Protos Packaging Limited has developed, and it’s certainly a mouthwatering one!

“With the huge explosion of beautiful popcorn packaging designs we at Protos thought we'd try a new concept for the imaginary 'Kernel's Popcorn.' Utilising a mix of modern and traditional design elements to create a bright, visually engaging design with easily identifiable SKUs for maximum impact on the shelf. Risky flavours aside we had a lot of fun working on this design and are pleased with how it came out!”

Kernel’s Popcorn uses the image of a popcorn popper cart to showcase delectable images of the product. Ears of corn and images of the ingredients appear in the background, indicating that they use the actual products to make their popcorn and not a load of artificial ingredients. The stripes on the popcorn cart also appear the top and bottom of each bag, giving them a tidy and somewhat retro appearance.  

Designed by Protos Packaging Limited

Country: United Kingdom


Heinz Bloody Mary


Brunch is always better with a Bloody Mary. Constantin Bolimond has developed this concept for Heinz Bloody Mary, which combines just the right amount of tomato juice and vodka for the perfect hair of the dog weekend beverage.

This Bloody Mary is instantly recognizable as Heinz, with the angular label and bold font. The bottle looks like an enlarged condiment bottle, with a twist-off cap that makes imbibing easy. Each bottle comes in a sleek black tube, adding a bit of sophistication and making it the perfect companion for a homemade brunch. The outer container is similar to tubes that come with other fine liquors and spirits, but the fun condiment-inspired bottle inside is fun and gives the design a personality.

Designed by Constantin Bolimond

Country: Belarus

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