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Nike Kyrie2 x Duke Seed Kit

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/18/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Here comes Duke. The first release of the Kyrie2 Duke sneaker by Nike was delivered to Kyrie, Coach K, and other VIPs in a personally labelled commemorative box. R/GA & TaylorBox designed the handmade box, of which the first edition was followed by a set of seed kits with the Nike logo instead of the individual names.

The Nike Kyrie2 x Duke Seed Kit is a true collector’s item that gives off the vibe of true luxury. Every box is handmade with the finest materials, such as the blue Canapetta which truly elevates the box quality and makes it an item that you’ll want to keep. Elements like the wood flooring and gold foil stamping make it even more sophisticated and high-quality.

“Framed in Bass wood, this Tray in a Slipcase, or Drawer Box, style rigid box is a beautiful meditation in material; the heft of the natural wood imparts the gravity and singular nature of the shoe inside. The coordinated blue book cloth, imported from Italy, and custom dyed blue leather stand out vibrantly against the gold metallic foil stamping of the logo trifecta: Kyrie Irving x Nike x Duke. A powerhouse collaboration. To drive it all home, the inside of the box is lined with genuine parquet basketball court flooring.”

Framed in Bass wood
Wrapped in blue Canapetta, an imported Italian book cloth
Custom blue dyed leather hide for insets
Customer supplied parquet wood flooring
Gold foil stamping”


Designed by R/GA 

Manufacturer: Portfoliobox , a Taylor Box Company brand

Country: United States

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