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Heath & Heather

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Iconic herbal tea brand Heath & Heather has just gotten a makeover, thanks to UK agency This Way Up Design. The new packs possess a bit of old charm to them, recognizing that tea-drinking is a healthy habit that people have done for ages. Heath & Heather’s boxes feature lush floral and fruit backgrounds that let consumers know the leaves are fresh and organic. A golden plant marker appears on the front with the label “organic,” bringing the buyer closer to the place that the product comes from. The color palette is delicate and slightly faded, giving the tea a bit of a vintage, old-fashioned vibe.

“This Way Up Design have rebranded iconic herbal tea brand Heath & Heather to communicate it’s provenance, superior quality and the breadth of delicious infusions and health benefits within the range. Heath & Heather was first established in 1920 by Samuel and James Ryder, who were both founding pioneers of herbal medicine. They were among the first to study the benefits of English botanicals, herbs and plants, sharing their knowledge with a population looking for easy, accessible, everyday health. The brothers initially sold packets of seeds to satisfy the burgeoning interest in growing fresh herbs at home and saw it as their mission to improve health and wellbeing, publishing home remedies and explaining how to make tea from the herbs grown at home.”

“This Way Up Design initially developed a brand DNA for Heath & Heather based on the unique properties of the brand which included the medicinal grade herbs used in the teas, as recognised by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the focus on native English herbs found across the UK growing naturally in hedgerows, and the brand’s 95 years of expertise in blending herbs. Based on these attributes the team created the brand positioning statement ‘beautifully crafted for health & happiness.’”

“The new visual language of the brand is inspired by the original philosophy of the company founders with the brand name displayed on a ‘seed tag' nestling within an abundance of herbal ingredients. The new design features a coloured top panel to help consumer identify their favourite infusions easily, and with further information on the benefits of each tea on the back of pack, they offer a simple and beautiful way to bring herbal teas into your home.”


Designed by This Way Up Design

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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