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Birbant Brewery

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/28/2016 | 4 Minute Read

With this extensive line of craft beer, it’s practically impossible to sit down and enjoy just one brew. From a Belgian Blond Ale to an IPA, Birbant Brewery has a series of regular beer as well as a few unusual ones to try. FLOV Creative Agency developed the packaging for Birbant Brewery’s impressive lineup.

“Birbant Brewery is known Polish craft brewery, established in 2013 by two brewers and beer enthusiasts. Their mission is to make flavorful and exceptionally aromatic beers, they would like to drink themselves. Birbant Brewery is working with us almost from the beginning. We've prepared for them two different beer series. The first, regular series—presents large black silhouettes on dedicated backgrounds, where you can find the elements that describe the beer style. The second series contains special beers: cooperative, associated with events or single, often crazy recipes.”

Each beer in their regular series has its own unique character silhouetted in the background, giving a bit of personality to the brew. The Belgian Blond Ale features a somewhat sophisticated man sipping away at a drink, while the Dr. IPA Dark Pale Ale shows a somewhat deranged character. Colors and font choices are specific to each variety, making it easy to tell them apart and also understand more about their flavor notes.

The special beer series includes more variety in the illustrations from beer to beer. The focus is still on one main part of the label, but there is a scene playing out that gives consumers a richer story. They’re playful, colorful, and fun, making any craft beer lover keen to try them all. 


Designed by FLOV Creative Agency

Client: Birbant Brewery

Country: Poland

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