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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/22/2016 | 12 Minute Read

End of the week with a beautiful collection of Concepts We Wish Were Real.



Bring life to the mundane. Chris + Jessie is a concept from Hyela Lee for a fun socks brand. Using images of everyday objects, Lee’s branding and packaging makes something as simple as socks seem like the key to an exciting day.

“Chris + Jessie is a fictional socks brand. Based on the two founders, Chris’ love for stripes, Jessie’s love for dots, and their collective love for socks led to the birth of Chris + Jessie. They hope their extraordinary socks bring life and fun to the mundane. In this project, I used mundane objects such as a window, a banana, and a cup of tea with a black half-tone, so the vivid and fun product does the same. The logo ‘C+J’ is a custom letters from Avenir and Proxima Nova fonts and I used INT to add spot-gloss feeling.”

The socks that Chris + Jessie are full of vibrant colors and exciting patterns. The packaging and branding, on the other hand, is muted and minimal, creating for an interesting combination. Parts of the colored patterns of the socks peek out, just like socks sometimes peek out from underneath the hems of pants, if only for a moment. Dots and stripes don’t just show up as patterns on the socks, but also on business cards and stationery, tying the whole brand together.

Designed by Hyela Lee

Country: United States




There’s certainly nothing wrong with dried pasta noodles or frozen lasagna, but there’s just something about fresh pasta that is completely irresistible.Marc Jordi Soler developed the concept for Vissi, a brand of fresh pasta made with absolutely mouthwatering ingredients.

“Packaging for a brand of fresh Italian pasta. This is a traditional product in his confection but current both in its formulation like product as in his presentation and channel of sale. Aimed at a young target, independent, pasta lover and quick and healthy cooking.”

If you’re not able to sit down and make your own pasta from scratch, then Vissi is the next best thing. With two ravioli varieties and a tagliatelle noodle, it makes putting together an impressive dinner easy. Since the target audience is young yet health-conscious, the packaging needed to emphasize the freshness and wholesome ingredients but also help consumers to easily envision a finished meal. Showcasing the pasta inside was key to show off the noodles, and buyers can see that all they really need is a good sauce and it’s good to go. Small icons on the front indicate how many servings are inside and how long it takes to prep, and illustrations of the ingredients are peppered on the front of the packaging to get consumers excited about the delicious flavors.

Designed by Marc Jordi Soler

Country: Spain




These aren’t your ordinary chocolate bars. SweetStash, a concept from Sarah Gwan, takes a variety of chocolates and infuses them with THC, giving cannabis lovers endless options.

SweetStash comes in varieties like white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and mint chocolate, with the choice for indica, sativa, or a hybrid. Each type has its own bright color, but all of the bars have gold foil text to elevate the brand and place it as a more sophisticated cannabis option. The strain is written in a handwritten font, emphasizing the unique blend that each one has. After the outer wrapper is peeled away, we see a shining gold foil protecting the chocolate, making it a luxurious experience. A warning is clearly written on the front, advising buyers to consume in moderation and to keep it away from children.

Designed by Sarah Gwan

Country: Canada




There’s a reason that residents of countries like Nepal and Bhutan are some of the happiest and healthiest on earth. Himalaya Juices, a concept from Andrea Ribera and Laura de Miguel, harnesses the power of a fruit native to the Himalayan valleys for their delicious and healthy beverages: the Goji Berry.

“Concept, structural and graphic design for a new range of organic juices sold in supermarkets and eco-stores. We focus on an urban public, with attention to good taste while his escape route is the adventure, mountain and extreme sports. With Himalaya Juices we bring a new product experience with a fruit as the main ingredient: Goji Berry, from the Himalayan valleys.”

Waves of distant mountain ranges appear on the bottles, nodding to the Himalayas, which is where the berries come from. Bottles are sturdy and almost flask-shaped, perfect for putting into a backpack or packing for a hike. It’s even possible to hang a carabiner from the bottle cap, emphasizing that these juices are excellent for energy and good sources of hydration during outdoorsy activities. A clear bottle allows consumers to see the natural, earthy hues of the juices, reminding them of the natural ingredients that go into each one.

Designed by Andrea RiberaLaura de Miguel

Country: Spain


Luna Bar Redesign


A concept redesign that is sure to stand out on supermarket shelves. Designed by Paula Volchok, the packaging is accented with botanical illustrations as a subtle yet artistic representation of what flavors can be found in the bar. The new "Luna" logo, inspired by the glowing light of the moon, wraps itself around the twisted branches. The overall design gives a more youthful look to the brand and is a uniquely fresh take on protein bar packaging.  

"My Luna Bar package redesign is an attempt to retain the original purpose and integrity of the brand — an organic bar geared towards women — by presenting it in a feminine, yet non-gender exclusive way. Each flavor focuses on a key ingredient found in the bar and includes information on the back about how that ingredient is beneficial to women and people in general."

Designed by Paula Volchok

Country: United States




Now this is what I call sophisticated olive oil packaging. Conceptualized by Cristian Varela, premium olive oil is stored into a beautiful glass bottle whose shape is inspired by the accent mark on the "e" in "Olivé". The packaging structure is sleek and easy to handle with a resealable cork for that satisfying "pop" every time you pour. 

A black cover snaps into place over the bottle for added protection against breakage with a dual purpose as "gift packaging". Olivé is a great example of a project that follows the current trend: "Shelf Life". It's packaging that can be reused over and over again and is just too beautiful to throw away.  

Designed by Cristian Varela, Pablo Calzado

Country: Spain


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