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Slice Pizzeria

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

The branding for Slice Pizzeria in Korea is definitely an example of something that’s so cute you just can’t help but eat it up. ChocoToy Cute developed the branding and packaging for the pizza shop, creating an adorable, smiling pizza mascot full to the brim with flavor.

The bubbly text, plump pizza smile, and overflowing sauce and cheese in the restaurant name let consumers know that Slice Pizzeria does not cut back on loads of toppings and amazing ingredients. A happy pizza slice appears in the logo and the takeout boxes—an endearing mascot that is sure to make any pizza lover smile. The tools used to make pizza, like a rolling pin or a pizza cutter, make their way into the logo as well, implying that the pies are handmade and irresistibly fresh.


Designed by: ChocoToy Cute

Country: Venezuela

City: Caracas

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