Western Herd Brewing Company

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/28/2016 | 3 Minute Read

A new beer range hits the market in Australia this year and people have never been so thrilled. Packaged by Vincent Casey, the design is kept clean with focus put on the unique names given to each beer style. An abstract shape, resembling a section of land, adds color to the design that extends into the logo up above. 

"Western Herd is a new brewing company based on a hillside farm in the west of Ireland, taking inspiration from the west coast of America. Freshly brewed using natural spring water directly from the farmhouse well, Western Herd has a permanent range of four beers alongside regular limited-edition brews such as Danger Here, which celebrates Ireland's participation in 2016."


Design, Branding & Photography: Vincent Casey
Label Printing: The Label Factory

Designed by Vincent Casey

Country: Australia

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