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Sprite Lyrical Cans

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/23/2016 | 5 Minute Read

Sprite's "Obey Your Verse" continues to grow with a new set of cans featuring lyrics from 2PAC, Missy Elliott and J.Cole. A few months back we featured the first set that Sprite released and we are really excited to see what other artists are to come. Each can is emblazoned with custom fonts, created by Erik Marinovich, that represent the style of both the artist and lyric.

"2Pac, Missy Elliott and J. Cole were each selected for their embodiment of the Sprite spirit – remaining true to themselves through their music, lyrical prowess and influence on pop culture. But their embodiment of these values goes further than just talent. These three artists have changed the game with their innovative approaches to making music and self-expression."

The limited edition packaging continues to sport the labyrinthine background designed by Turner Duckworth, perfectly representing music as a whole. Golden, an agency out of Leeds, worked on updating the "Obey Your Verse" logotype and extended the can background look into some fridge pack designs that resemble a boombox, a nice little homage to ghettoblaster days of hip–hop


Typography: Erik Marinovich

Designed by Turner Duckworth, Golden

Client: Coca-Cola

Country: United States, United Kingdom

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