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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/17/2016 | 11 Minute Read

What better way to celebrate Father's Day weekend than with this week's concepts we wish were real. 


Shake my head


Milkshakes with personality—literally. Rustam Usmanov has developed the clever and fun packaging for Shake My Head, a multi-sized, multi-flavored line tasty milkshakes that both children and adults will enjoy.

Each character represents a different flavor in the range, and each character comes in a small, medium, or large option. The varying sizes show different stages of the character—a person slowly turning into a Hulk-like form or a family of zombies. Each cup features an expression that becomes humorous when shake is poured into it and the customer walks around drinking the shake from the straw (or in this case: brain). Clear, bubble lids allow people to see the colors of the shake, acting as an extension of the character’s head. Having different characters encourages people to try a few that look intriguing to them and also to naturally find their favorite one.

Designed by Rustam Usmanov

Country: Russia


Memories on bread jams


“Memories on bread” concept is about memories related to tastes. Those tastes of your childhood that you never forget and you are always happy to come across. They are often associated with special life moments which are being described on each jar in the form of a funny poem. 

The design language is simple and concentrated on typography. Every jar has a big title on the front color coded to its flavour. The logo of the concept combines the visual metaphor of writing with the use of the product. The knife becomes a writing pen and a memorable symbol for the brand. 
The title has a double role: as a book title and as a product descriptor. The flavour is written within the title text. 
On the backs of the jars are 5 funny poems with 5 vignette illustrations. To enhance the literary feel of the package, there is a pink ribbon that suggests a book sign. 

The design language and the stories give a natural feel to the product. It’s another way of creating a crave for the product opposed to simply showing tasty food images. 

Designed by Bogdan Petcu

Country: Romania


Laxmi Indian Food


Laxmi is an Indian grocery company that offers the taste of India with its many flavorful spices. The newly rebranded design elevates the cooking and sensorial tasting experience while respecting the grace of Laxmi’s feminine nature. This rebrand introduces the American audience to the world of sacred Indian cuisine by guiding them to expand their palate into the journey of authentic Indian taste.

Designed by Youna Jang

Director: Ania Borysiewicz

Country: United States


Queen of the Nile


Egypt is the origin country of beer. The design is inspired by the traditional Egyptian visual elements, such as colors, patterns and hieroglyphics. In order to reflect the feeling of ancient Egypt, the eye symbol of Horus is used as a new logo. Egyptian hieroglyphics and traditional Egyptian patterns are incorporated in the border of each label. Gold foil gold rub-downs emphasize the high-end feeling of the brand. 

Designed by Yejoo Kwon

Country: United States


Bock Albus Wine


Pulling a wine from the rack is always a little bittersweet—sure, you get to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine, but it also means that the full bottle no longer gets to be displayed where it once was. Kira Koroknai and Anna Hidvégi developed a concept for Bock Albus Wine that is so beautiful you’ll definitely be torn between drinking it or showing it off. What makes it particularly special is a stunning outer wrapper that feels equally ominous and enchanting, and removing it reveals the crisp, clean white wine underneath.

“Our concept is a paraphrase. The photo based packaging on the outside was inspired by still life Vanitas paintings, using a ram skull as the main element, surrounded by wildflowers. The skull is representing the winery by reflecting on their logo. In contrast, the inner label itself has a very clean, purely typographical style, accompanying a single small illustration—our refined Bock logo. For the label we’ve chosen the eye-catching GT Sectra font family. As a ‘modernised blackletter’ we thought this typeface will fit into our concept."

"The photoshoot of the final packaging has a strong allegorical representation style, as in the 17th-18th century ideal beauty was mainly investigated by sensations and feelings generated by art in the viewer. We’ve created several still life sets around the main element -the bottle- surrounded by fruits and spices reflecting on the wine’s flavors. The final photos are not only for the eyes but also trying to stimulate smelling and tasting at the same time."

Designed by Kira Koroknai, Anna Hidvégi

Creative Concept: Kira Koroknai
Graphic Design: Anna Hidvégi, Kira Koroknai
Photos: Norbert Perness, Sára Szatmári
Retouching: Kira Koroknai

Country: Hungary 




The best olive oils come from the best olives. Claudia Lepesqueur, María Elipe, and Macarena Norambuena created the concept for Rivōs, an oil that clearly shows the elegant olive tree branches that are so important to the history of Spain.

“The legendary olive tree and the oil obtained from its fruits are an essential part of Spanish history, taking into account the importance and meaning develop Rivōs, raising the eigenvalue oil, communicating the essence, purifying the unnecessary and creating a clean harmony. We developed naming, graphics and structural pack. The glass bottle is color coated to protect the content, the plug is standard with olive wood cover and illustrations of the graph represent the original fruit of each type of product.”

Rivōs is a refreshing olive oil that immediately stands out in a sea of choices that make use of the oil’s naturally greenish, yellowish hue. Using only gray and white, the bottles have a minimalist feel and the product feels like a high quality one. The wood of olive trees on the bottle cap is a fun accent that further reminds consumers of where the product comes from. This emphasis on the origin of the oil implies that Rivōs values having a pure process that results in simply delicious olive oil.


Designed by Claudia Lepesqueur, María Elipe, Macarena Norambuena

Country: Spain


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