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The Grounds Coffee Roastery

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/02/2016 | 2 Minute Read

There's nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to start the day. A nice strong brew is what I prefer and if the packaging is beautiful, that's an A+ in my book. The Grounds Coffee is an Australian Roastery that meets both qualifications with sustainably sourced beans. Designed by Squad Ink, coffee grounds are packaged in green-tinted cans embellished with it's spirit animal, the tropical parrot. 

"Since settling into their new home, the farm animals of The Grounds have built up quite a following. Oinking, clucking and bleating their way into patron’s hearts, these loveable larrikins have become social media regulars. This presented a unique opportunity for the team at Squad Ink to turn them into the alternative ambassadors of The Grounds’ newest range of goodies."

"’Fluffy’, The Grounds’ vivacious Macaw, proudly champions the seasonal blend made by the venue’s Coffee Roastery. The perfect partnership, both the bird and the beans hail from Central America. Featuring a printed tins which feature metallic gold ink and custom embossing, the packaging is as beautifully crafted as the coffee. Our brief was to create packaging that represents the wholesome and playful values of The Grounds whilst creating packaging that appears iconically Australian. 

We’re working with The Grounds on other products launching later this year. We’ll give you a holla when they hit the shelves!"


Art Directors: Matthew Squadrito & Terry Squadrito

Designers: Matthew Squadrito & Ruby Grose

Designed by Squad Ink

Country: Australia 

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