Vendors line the halls of Fancy Food Fest


by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Chocolate is my guilty pleasure. So there was no surprise when I came across the brand Hagelswag, I just had to get it. Designed by Positivity Branding, a reusable glass bottle is stuffed to the brim with delicious cocoa nibs and then sealed with a cork and string. The packaging is similar to a rum bottle but it's content's are sweeter. Instead of slapping on a label, Positivity Branding chose a more regal approach and wrote out the brand's name in calligraphy. The batch number is written in marker on the back of the bottle, giving the overall design an interesting contrast between the rustic and refined. 

The Dutch eat chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast, an everyday treat too good to keep in Holland. So Positivity Branding was asked to create a premium brand to help bring this unique Dutch breakfast tradition from Amsterdam to New York, and then on to the rest of the world.


Designed by Positivity Branding

Country: Netherlands

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