Vendors line the halls of Fancy Food Fest



by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/16/2016 | 3 Minute Read

When you start aiming to consume only healthy food options, you’ll see just how many colors can fill up your plate. Taking this as inspiration, atipo® created the name, identity, and interior design for Bicrú, a new cold pressed juice and health food company. Their system takes the colors of the ingredients to show what appears in each product and in what amount.

The creative identification system helps give consumers an idea of what they’re putting into their bodies and also helps the freshness of the foods and beverages to show through. A rich berry hue or a dark rye bread—these are instantly more noticeable with the color coding. The rest of the label is kept simple, with a skinny sans serif font and nearly white background. Every item has ingredients listed on the front, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to health and helping consumers choose the best foods for them.


Designed by: atipo®

Country: Spain

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