Poco Loco

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/28/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Urban Mexican street food in Sweden, of all places. Teddy Saxfors, Marie Stridh, and Filip Sjöholm developed a new identity for their products as well as a takeaway concept.

Poco Loco’s look makes it fun and easy to enjoy something small or to eat an entire meal. Small doodles representing parts of Mexican culture grace the background, giving the brand an energy as well as a bit of humor. Poco Loco’s brand name appears in an all caps sans serif font, standing out against the chaos of the illustrations. The light, pastel hues allow the bright colors of the foods to stand out, like the rich, red salsas or bright green lettuce. Images of the freshly made meals and snacks allow the consumer to get a taste of the food before they place their order.


Designed by: Teddy Saxfors, Marie Stridh, Filip Sjöholm

Country: Sweden

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