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ProVision Contact Lenses

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/27/2016 | 3 Minute Read

It was a real game changer when I made the switch from wearing glasses to contacts. No longer did I have to sacrifice my vision when it just didn’t make sense to wear my glasses; instead, I was able to do the things I loved without squinting the entire time. Boxer & Co. wanted to design ProVision Contact Lenses to demonstrate the freedom that they can offer consumers instead of relying on some of the typical designs that are all too common in the industry.

“Contact lenses brand, ProVision, wanted to pull away from the herd and create a differentiated brand by approaching the design with modernity and a consumer focus. This category’s packaging is awash with science, pale blue and water splashes—all clichés that needed to be avoided.”

“Boxer & Co created a striking and emotive design, focused around the freedom that the lenses can give to spectacle wearers. The design uses a modern take on a 1950s style of illustration. Activities ranging from swimming to cliff jumping to dancing and reading adorn the packs in an ownable way. Life is a series of wonderful experiences to be enjoyed to the full.”

The illustrations for ProVision feature people who are simply enjoying life completely. Each image elicits feelings of freedom and happiness, from paddle boarding on an open ocean to swinging on swings. The faces on the illustrations have little detail, allowing the consumer to put themselves in each situation. ProVision approaches their contact lenses through the point of view of a consumer rather than an optometrist, giving them confidence and a clearer vision (pun intended) for their future with the product.


Designed by: Boxer & Co.

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

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