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Upton Belts

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/06/2016 | 5 Minute Read

A belt made just for you requires packaging that makes the entire experience all the more special. Upton Belts is an online American-made brand that creates custom belts. Because the store only operates online, Wedge & Lever was asked to help create a physical manifestation that would engage customers, making up for the lack of an actual store location.

“Upton’s packaging is the heart of its brand experience. Elegant and inviting, it leaves a lasting impression of aesthetic value. Its soft-touch finish contrasts its matte black protective sleeve, which interacts with the box to act as a decoder for the custom-cut Upton alphabet we created. Once opened, the belt is revealed within a black environment that frames it and its accouterments: a punch for sizing adjustments, a bag for storage, and a 14-page manuscript.”

Small details combine to create an unbelievable consumer experience. From long black lines that resemble a belt to small holes that are similar to the ones used to adjust belts, the branding and packaging is thorough without feeling too pushy. For example, the rectangular box perfectly fits the rectangular belt buckle inside of it in a very methodical and satisfying way. By including numerous small things like this, Upton Belts is impeccably designed yet completely subtle. This confidence, along with the minimal black and white packaging, make Upton Belts the perfect choice for someone wanting a classic piece to complete their wardrobe.


Designed by: Wedge & Lever

Client: Upton Belts

Country: United States

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