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Ugly Water

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/05/2016 | 3 Minute Read

 Claiming that “you’re sweet enough already,” this flavored beverage gives sparkling water a bit of a kick. Designed by Identica, Ugly Water cans clearly advertise a sugar-free, artificial ingredient-free drink with refreshing flavors.

“The product was created for consumers who are looking to make informed healthy choices without needing a science degree to understand what they are really consuming. Inspired by the product ethos we wanted the brand to be totally honest and transparent, avoiding marketing fluff and empty promises. So Identica created a stand-out brand for a flavoured sparkling water with a true difference.”

Ugly Water takes a fun, playful approach to its packaging, incorporating bright colors and graphics that give a sense of motion. Consumers can even view the name, Ugly Water, or its accompanying #glugugly hashtag as humorous. Drawings of the flavor ingredients float on the can, appearing in colors with which we normally associate them. Although it may simply be water, Ugly Water feels festive and lively, like the crisp flavors of the unsweetened drink help to set it apart.


Designed by: Identica

Clients: Ugly Water, Hugh Thomas, Joe Benn

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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