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Sabadì Le Caramelle

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/28/2016 | 6 Minute Read

These candies are too adorable! Happycentro has designed the packaging for Sabadì’s line of candies, Le Caramelle, and it will definitely appeal to your sweet tooth. Using only cane sugar, orange blossom honey from Sicilian black honey bees, and essential oils, the ingredients are then cooked over direct heat and shaped by hand in the traditional way. Using soft, gentle colors and small festive illustrations, the packaging is instantly endearing. Each candy is given eyes, nose, and a mouth, as well as drawn-on limbs, giving each flavor its own distinct personality.

“Happycentro adds one more sweet piece to their collection of good things! After being big candies-eaters children, now it's time to do it again, being aware that nowadays these have something really very good inside indeed. Along the Sabadì project, as a brand they imagined, they’ve been playing from the very beginning with the representation of raw materials used in some products, and with their places of origin for others, later on. To give a face to a product was something left to do and that’s it, simply, Le Caramelle (The Candies).”

“Happycentro imagines six little charming brats; their names rhyme with product’s line, their colors are those of raw materials used in their recipe. Beside paper based packages, they designed also luxurious retro-style cans containing assorted candies, where we see those characters playing with each other like their genuine flavors do when tasted.”


Designed by: Happycentro

Country: Italy

City: Verona

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