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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/09/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Sometimes we need to be reminded that less is more. Eszter Laki designed the logo, labels, business cards and other assets for GREEN LABORATORIUM, a Swiss hand-crafted skincare brand that needed packaging as wonderfully pure as the products themselves.

“They create skincare products that are as simple as possible. Pure ingredients, readable labelling, honest recipes made with lots of understanding, care and love. When it comes to cosmetics, they are more interested in health, not so much in decoration. The products are artisanal, hand crafted, with only natural ingredients. Food grade herbs, butters and oils, therapy grade essential oils, small batches and limited editions, reusable containers. The labels are home printed and the business cards were printed with letterpress on 100% cotton paper (by the lovely Inkredible Letterpress).”

GREEN LABORATORIUM uses natural ingredients to create effective skincare products like masks, foot soaks, and makeup remover. The clean design speaks to the quality of the ingredients, as well as to a simpler time when skincare products didn’t include a long list of chemicals that are hard to pronounce. Laki’s design incorporates classic amber bottles, silver tins, and even rocks to appear neither feminine nor masculine, promoting healthy skin for all. The sans serif font looks modern and calming, perfect for bath and body products.


Designed by Eszter Laki

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

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