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Target Updates Their Market Pantry Line

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/08/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Market Pantry is the largest grocery brand in Target’s portfolio with 2,250 SKUs in over 100 categories. Although the previous design system for Market Pantry was effective at delivering strong value cues and high brand recognition, it lacked personality and was perceived by our guests as generic, boring and low quality. By updating the brand’s positioning to better align with the evolving needs of our millennial guest, our goal was to shift the perception of the brand from a compromise solution to a preferred choice.

We realized quickly, through a combination of consumer research and internal metrics, that the colors red and white are viewed as a core equity of the Market Pantry brand – an equity that also has a strong connection back to Target. We leveraged these insights to make the colors red and white a core component of the new identity, but in a way that was very different than we had before. Through our redesign we sought to deliver a sense of nostalgia and heritage that you might find from traditional pantry staples once found in your Grandmother’s kitchen – delivered in a way that only Target can: through bold, expressive typography, beautiful photography and food cues and clear navigation and product callouts.

In redesigning Market Pantry we sought to create a differentiated, highly crafted design driven program. One that was more responsive to the diverse needs of each category, but also lived together as one brand. And one that our guests would say they love.


Designed by Target Creative / Pearlfisher

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