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Ape Man Foods

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/08/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Ape Man Foods makes delicious meal kits, spreads and “breads” from 100% plant-based ingredients that are raw, paleo-friendly, vegan, nutritious and tasty. Their mantra, “Eat Like a Jungle Native” rings true, with plant-only ingredients that are rich in protein, essential nutrients and great taste. Their popular meal kits are sold along the Northeast in Whole Foods and independent markets, with a loyal and fast-growing customer base.

Miller™ was tasked with recreating Ape Man’s branding and packaging in order to attract a wider market of consumers that are already seeking “BFY” (better-for-you) options, yet may not have considered raw/primal products before. The packaging is bright, descriptive and engaging – making it attractive and interesting to consumers of all backgrounds.

"In addition, we worked closely with the client to source and configure stock plastic containers/components for a complex mix of product fills. The meal kits also feature a customized folding-board natural paper insert that was designed to hold 2-3 stock containers inside a plastic clamshell package. The end result is a comprehensive product line across a large number of SKUs that work together visually and accommodate the unique food offerings without enormous cost outlay that comes with making custom packaging. Ape Man Foods is currently poised for exponential growth in the exciting and fast-growing raw/vegan/paleo category."

“With the new product line, we’ve more than doubled the number of store locations where our products are available and continue to have unmet demand as word spreads and customers request our products at their local store. The new labels stand out from the shelf, attracting new customers and providing quick info to them, which has reduced our need for time-consuming in-store demos. Miller captured what we were trying to do – make real, whole pure plant food available to customers in a prepared but not processed form – ready-to-eat convenient meals straight from nature – and helped us convey this to the customer in a beautiful package with a fun message that appealed to a large, maximally inclusive customer base.” -Valerie Grissom, Founder, Ape Man Foods


Designed by Miller Creative

Country: United States

City: New Jersey

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