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The Black Sheep Collection

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/07/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Pretty much every family has one: a black sheep. The Black Sheep Collection, a line of spirits with packaging designed by Charlotte Fosdike, celebrates the ones who do things just a bit differently.

“Throughout history there have always been a class of adventurous but unruly people, also known as the ‘black sheep’ of society. These people have marked the past with notorious, beneficial or colourfully strange ways. The Black Sheep Collection is a limited edition selection of hand-crafted spirits by a humble, family-run distillery based in South Australia. Each spirit has been given the name of a historical rascal that can be associated to its flavour, region, or reputation. The minimalist design elements, illustrated sheep wrap and quirky nature of the concept conjure interest and spark the imaginations of the ‘wickedly mischievous and badly behaved.’”

The line of fine spirits includes a variety of liquors, with the names of people like Frank Abagnale and Anne Bonny written vertically up the bottle. Allowing less to be more, the white labels feature a thick sans serif font for the name along with a more traditional font for a simple yet striking look. There are no images on the bottles, and instead each one comes wrapped in a paper with carefully drawn sheep on it. This helps the brand to stand out and also make opening the bottle an exciting experience for the buyer.


Designed by Charlotte Fosdike

Country: United Kingdom

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